Hearing God


What Happens when you pray?

Have you ever wondered if God is really listening when you pray? Have you ever felt like you don't know what to pray about, or even how to pray? If you've asked these questions, or if you want to grow deeper in your prayer journey, then Hearing God is for you.

Starting on September 20th, Hearing God is a six-week course on Thursday evenings that will answer these questions and teach you more about prayer, listening to God, and how to grow deeper in your faith. 

Time Commitment

Each Hearing God session will be from 6:30PM to 8PM at the church. There will also be daily prayer and scripture readings for you to do on your own between sessions. These devotional times will take approximately thirty minutes per day, and is a great way to build a new habbit of connecting with God on a daily basis. We recommend that you put your usual scripture reading on pause for the six weeks of the course to better focus on the Hearing God course. 

Please ensure that you are able to attend at least 4 of the 6 classes, but you will grow the most in your faith if you are able to be at all 6 sessions. The first session on September 20th is critically important and should not be missed.

Course Dates

Thursday, September 20
Thursday, September 27
Thursday, October 4
Thursday, October 11
Thursday, October 17
Thursday, October 25

Note: If there is enough interest we will be running a second Hearing God Course early in 2019.


There is a registration fee of $25 per person to cover the costs of printed materials and refreshments during the course. Payment can be made in advance or at the first session of the course via cash, check, or debit.


Childcare will be available for children age 2 to 12 years old. children who are 5 and older will be learning about prayer from our trained team of KidZone Volunteers. Childcare is provided by donation.