Nominating Committee


Every year our church goes through a process where we select the members of our Board of Elders who serve as the spiritual leadership of our church along with our Lead Pastor.

The process of selecting Elders is governed by our church constitution and bylaws as a church that is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. This process is designed to be saturated in prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit.

The Role of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a group of five people who are tasked with nominating people to serve as Elders for the following year. These nominations are given to the Partnership (members) of the church prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a vote of affirmation happens at the AGM. The Nominating Committee consists of two current Elders, two Partners (non-Elder) and the Lead Pastor.

Serving on the Nominating Committee requires a commitment to pray and to meet approximately 2-3 times through January and early February.

The Role of Elders

The Elders, along with the Lead Pastor, are responsible for the spiritual direction and governance of the church. This is a role that requires a deep well of spiritual maturity and consistent devotional practices to keep one’s own relationship with God very strong. At Grand Valley Church, we give clarity to the role of an Elder by saying that the Elders have the responsibility to Direct and Protect the church.

Direct: Means that the Elders provide direction for our mission and vision, and provide guidance for the Lead Pastor. This includes and providing wisdom and guidance wherever required, and creating a budget that ensures we are moving forward in our mission to be a church that Leads people into a growing relationship with Jesus. (Note, at the AGM, our Partnership votes to approve the budget set by the Elders).

Protect: Elders are also spiritual shepherds of the church. This means that the Elders provide oversight of our church to ensure that we are faithful to what God has called us to be. Part of the role of protecting the church is to create policies, ensure we are in obedience to the denominational authority over us (the C&MA), and review our financial reports regularly to maintain fiscal responsibility and compliance with laws that govern charities in Canada.

Being an Elder does cary a significant responsibility, but it is not a responsibility that is carried alone. Our Board of Elders works as a team to ensure that the role is not overwhelming. All of the people who have served as Elders in our church speak of how deeply rewarding and enriching their service as an Elder has been. The Board of Elders meets monthly in person, but is regularly in contact through digital methods.

Volunteer for the Nominating Committee

If you are willing and able to serve as a Partner on the Nomination Committee, please fill out the form below. We are seeking two Partners to volunteer to serve in this role. If there are more than two volunteers, there will be a vote of the partnership to select the two partners that will represent the partnership of the church on the Nominating Committee.

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This role requires significant prayer and previously completing the Hearing God Course will be an asset, though it is not a formal requirement.