Building Rental Inquiry

After you fill out this form, a representative of Grand Valley Church will respond to you within three business days to provide a quote for the cost of renting our facility and to proceed with a rental contract for the event.

Filling out this form does not guarantee your rental. Your rental request is considered pending until confirmed by a representative of Grand Valley, the rental contract is signed, and the rental deposit is paid (if a deposit is required.)

Please note that this rental form is only for community organizations, non-profit organizations, or business conducting public events, seminars, or training events. Rental events for the express purpose of sales of any type of product or service will not be permitted.

For weddings, fill out the Wedding Request Form. For funerals, please fill out the form below. Private functions (such as birthday parties, baby showers, and anniversary dinners,) are not permitted rentals of Grand Valley Church’s facility.

If you have further questions about the rental of our facility, please contact us by email at

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Please account for the total time you will require the building including set up and clean up time before and after your event.
Which spaces in our facility will you require? *
For rentals including the auditorium: How will you require the room to be set up?
Do you have any Audio & Visual equipment requirements for this rental?
Will there be any other equipment required for this rental?
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Please note, Rental fees are due one week prior to the rental event unless other arrangements with a staff member of Grand Valley Church have been made in advance.
Terms and Conditions *
I accept that the event is not part of the official programs or ministries of Grand Valley Church (GVC) and is not covered by GVC’s insurance. Therefore any and all liabilities and/or personal injuries that happen during the event will be the sole responsibility of the rental group. If damages or losses occur to the facility and/or equipment during the agreed-upon period, I accept the responsibility for any damages and/or loss to the facility or of equipment caused by myself and/or any attendees or guest of my event and guarantee reimbursement to GVC for all repairs and/or replacement costs. These costs may include, but are not limited to, any costs regarding the pricing quotes for repairs and/or replacement of damages. GVC reserves the right to immediately cancel any event upon damages to the facility and/or equipment in the interest of preventing further damages to the facility and/or equipment. All events with a rental fee of over $100 require a $20 non-refundable reservation fee that will be applied to the final rental invoice. Events with a rental fee of over $250 require al $80 damage deposit that will be applied toward the final invoice If the damage deposit is not required for the repair of damages to the building or equipment belonging to GVC. I accept that the rental will not be considered confirmed until the payment of the reservation fee and damage deposit is paid to GVCC and the rental contract is signed. Full payment for all event fees is required 7 days prior to the event. If the event fee is not paid in full within 7 days prior to the event, the event will be cancelled and any reservation fee or damage deposit will be forfeited. I accept that any usage of the building beyond the agreed upon times will result in a $50.00 per half hour fee. In the event that the renter or representative of the rental group does not arrive at the building within 30 minutes of the event's listed start time, the event is forfeit and cancelled. I understand that the refrigerator in the Multi-Use room is not to be used unless explicit permission is given by a representative of GVC. If permission is granted, no items may be left behind after the conclusion of the rental event. I understand that the mini-fridge located in the Office, and the mini-fridge located in the Multi-Purpose room are not to be used under any circumstances. All equipment in the Multi-Purpose room belonging to the Nursery School (including all toys, and the children's tables and chairs) are not to be used under any circumstances. I understand that the rental may be cancelled by GVC if the building is required for a funeral at the same time as the event. In the occurrence of an event being cancelled due to a funeral, the non-refundable reservation fee, damage deposit, and/or rental fee will be applied to a future rescheduling of the event.