Give Generously To Our Mission

Grand Valley Church is on a mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to see people from all walks of life come to know who Jesus is, and the incredible joy of being in a relationship with God. This mission motivates everything we do, and we’re excited to have you partner with us in reaching this goal.

It’s easy and secure to give online, just click the link below.

Please note: Donations must be made on or before December 31st to be included in your 2018 charitable giving receipt.

Automate the Important

The best way to give is to make it a priority by automating your gift. You can set up an automated gift for any frequency you choose and for any amount you choose to give. Most importantly, this goes a long way to help us reach our mission. To set up an automated gift, please click the link below.

A Community of Generosity

In 1989, a group of people dreamed of a church that would make a difference in our city and surrounding area. This would be a church that was willing to share Jesus' deep love for people, take risks, and talk about what was truly important.

This group of people knew that a church like this needed a core group that was willing to make sacrifices so that other people would have a chance to explore faith, ask questions, and learn about God. A mission this big, required radical generosity. This was the first group that took the "Ten For Them" Challenge.

the "Ten For Them" Challenge

Try taking your desire to give to the next level by committing to give 10% of your income for three months. Challenge yourself to be radically generous so that other people will benefit from hearing about Jesus. As you do this, pay extra attention to the ways that God might be working in your own life. What you see may surprise you.

Other Ways to Give

+ At Our Sunday Services

At our Sunday services you can make a donation of cash or a check by filling out a giving envelope with your information and placing the enevelope in the donation boxes by the Auditorium entrances, or during the announcements part of the service.

You can also made a donation by Interac Debit using the machine in our lobby by the connect center.

+ Mail

You can mail a check to:
Grand Valley Church
1620 Braecrest Drive
Brandon Manitoba, R7C 0B3

Please make checks payable to: Grand Valley Community Church.

+ Text

You can donate with your credit card on your phone by sending a text message to 84321 with the amount you wish to give. Then just follow the prompts.