Life Groups


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We believe that true community is found when we gather in circles instead of rows. Sitting around a living room or a table and talking with people is like fuel for relationships. We all need a place where we can be known by other people, process what's happening in our lives, be encouraged, and feel refreshed. This is exactly what being in a small group is all about. 

Life groups meet on different nights of the week in people's homes. A typical small group night will have a time to share what is going on in our lives, a discussion about the weekly sermon topic and/or a Bible study, and time to pray for each other. Some groups might meet around a meal or have childcare available.

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If you’re interested in joining or leading a life group, we launch our groups with an event called Group Link that happens several times per year. Please fill out the form below and we’ll let you know when we schedule the next Group Link.

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Leading a life group is a rewarding way to help build community. All you need is a place to meet. We provide all the training and discussion materials based on our weekly sermon topics.